Idea Builders specialize in Custom Software Development using latest tools like Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic and Java. Most of our software focuses on enhancing productivity, reducing costs and providing better customer service. We develop Customized Web Pages as well with specialized Java applets, Dynamic HTML, Java Scripts and VB Script enahancements.

See our products, custom projects and tools pages for technologies we have used and implemented. We have experience in TCP/IP and RS/232 based serial communications, faxing, imaging applications, database applications, Ineractive Voice Response applications - especially telephone banking, ActiveX and OCX controls development, and System Integeration jobs. A new area in which we are making progress is DirectX based development of small arcade games and entertainment/children education software to be used for promotion and marketing of consumer products.

Our main client base is banking industry. Our software has enabled four major banks of Pakistan to provide inter-branch transaction system to their customers. Many products from idea builders are helping banks provide better, faster and innovatice services to their clients.

Contact us for your programming needs. We may write new applications for you, automate processing of you old legacy terminal based applications, and help you solve problems of system integration. With our system integration expertise, we may be able to make your UNIX, Mainframe, and PC systems communicate with each other. Our consultancy and programming rates are very low as compared to US and European markets due to our Pakistan based base of operations.